New Just the Right Shoe Items Arriving


We are proud to let everyone know that we are about to receive nearly 50 new styles from the Just the Right Shoe collection to our website! Most of them are already online and when our new inventory arrives, customers will be able to order right away!

Check out some of the styles below! Which is your favorite?

Wonderful Feedback from a Customer

If you’ve ever worked in retail or owned a business, then you know it’s rare to get positive feedback. Human nature says people will more often complain about something, than praise you for a job well done. While I think our feedback on E-Bay speaks for itself, I thought I’d share (with permission) a wonderful note from a customer of ours:


Wow – you sure are whirlwind shipper! Thank you so much for sharing and sending this lovely sun catcher!

My mother is a bird lover and we have several feeders here in our yard at her retirement community. She loves Nature and recently met a new resident who is a butterfly lover, raising them. This woman has shared a few pupa with my mother and she’s enjoyed watching them emerge from their pupa and fly away.

Our environment been not been kind to bees and butterflies in recent years and we haven’t seen but 1 monarch butterfly this summer – except for the ones from the pupa.

I was excited when I saw your sun catcher, especially of the Monarch so I ordered it for Mom. She has a few sun catchers.

I was impressed to receive it so fast! Thank you. And it’s much larger than I expected.

Mom was so happy to receive it and we carefully hung it in the sun room window where we watch the birds and the garden.

Thank you very much for this special treat!

(Omitted) in Indy

It’s great to get this sort of feedback from time to time. We appreciate customers who will take a few minutes to let us know when they are happy with an item they received.

Jacksonville Boat Tour – Jacksonville Florida

We took an hour or so trip on the Jacksonville Boat Tour this weekend. We saw a few dolphins, the St Augustine Fort and a replica of boats that originally sailed in the 16th century. Very cool. I captured a lucky image of a dolphin jumping out of the water as well so I was very happy with that.

Price was about $36 per person so a little pricey for the time you are actually out and what you get to see in that time frame but for an easy way to see dolphins and parts of St Augustine, can’t complain too much.


Jacksonville Zoo – Jacksonville, Florida

We had a great time at the Jacksonville Zoo over the 4th of July Weekend.  I thought the zoo was far superior to either Busch Gardens or Lowry Park here in Tampa! Other than the nickel and diming, of course ($2 to see butterflies, $2 to pet Stingrays, etc) – after the admission price – I thought those should have been included in the admission price!

Great indoor exhibits, which my Galaxy S4 camera completely failed at capturing well, sadly. We got a 2 for 1 coupon off of their website.


Sawgrass Lake – St Petersburg FL

In June, we took a quick trip to St Petersburg to visit Sawgrass Lake. It has a really nice boardwalk to walk on thru some natural Florida plant life; but there was a pretty remarkable lack of anything interesting to look at. On the way out, we noticed a sign that said the area had been partially drained to clean up the area of lead (I believe). We did see a few fish, alligators and turtles. But nothing else too remarkable.

The “tower” that they kept mentioning was 2 stories tall overlooking a large lake and a shooting range could be heard off in the distance. I remember going here in Elementary School one time and I thought it was much more remarkable.

Florida Day Trip: Orlando Airboat Tour

2013-09-01 14.31.25

We spent our day today doing something we’d never done. An airboat ride through the Florida swampland. We drive over to Orlando for the tour. Orlando Airboat Tours was the company we chose. We paid about $145 for the two of us for a 90-minute ride through some swampland. I’d hoped to see some alligators, wild boars, birds, etc. You know, Florida wildlife. Maybe a skunk ape or two.

Mainly, I took a bunch of pictures (see the slideshow) and enjoyed the ride. It was pretty fun. The boat goes very fast (about 45 mph) and my eyes were tearing up during the fast portions. It’s an odd sensation to have wind directly against your face at that speed!

Overall, it was nice…but I’d probably recommend a sunset trip, where you are probably more likely to see more alligators and wildlife. It was nearly 100 degrees out there, so most of the animals seemed to be in hiding.


Bok Tower Gardens Day Trip

Panaramic Shot of Bok Tower

We took a trip to the Bok Tower Gardens in Lakes Wales, FL this weekend. Check out some of these great pictures we took.

The highlight (for me) was probably the huge koi pond in front of the Tower itself. We fed the fish for a while. They’d even let you touch them. They were voracious eaters, that’s for sure!

Some of the plants were very cool looking – but the wife complained that most of them she already had in the yard. It wasn’t too hot and the price was right, so it was a pretty good trip anyways.

Pictures were taken with my Galaxy S4; so I got a nice vertical panaramic shot of the tower. Only problem with the phone is that it’s nearly possible to see anything in the sunlight so taking photos a bit haphazard. Otherwise, the detail is very nice!

Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

The real flame fireplaces that are now available have solved many of the issues that came with traditional fireplaces. They require no ventilation, making them ideal for in the home. You will also avoid costly installation expenses because there is no need for a chimney or a gas hook up. Real flame fireplaces are the best way to bring the warmth and look of an actual fireplace into your home.

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which real flame fireplace to choose. They come in both indoor and outdoor versions, and each type has several design options. It helps to know a little bit about what is available before shopping for one.

Indoor styles come in wall designs that hang up, giving a contemporary feel without taking up a lot of space. Corner fireplaces are a more traditional space saving choice. You can even purchase real flame fireplaces that are inset within entertainment centers. Insight fireplaces stand alone in the middle of a room, and can be viewed from all sides. Of course you can always get the classic feel of a fireplace, mantle and hearth with a traditional style.

Among these many design options, you can also choose sizes. Because they are offered in small, medium, and large versions, you are sure to find the ideal fireplace for your room. Larger rooms can handle bigger fireplaces, yet small rooms can be overwhelmed if the fireplace is too large. This needs to be kept in mind.

When purchasing a real flame fireplace you will also be able to select from plenty of finishes. The Oak finish can create a charming country feel to a room, while black adds a contemporary distinction. White can be both contemporary and quite elegant. Mahogany is the most traditional choice.

Pricing is always a major concern when buying anything for the home. Real flame fireplaces fit nicely into any budget as they can be found anywhere from $199 on up, depending on the style and design.

When purchasing an outdoor real flame fireplace you will still have many decisions to make. Most people immediately think of the fire pit style. These look wonderful on any deck, patio, or backyard setting. For those who don’t have a lot of outside space to work with, they can still enjoy the warmth and style of an outdoor fireplace. The fire column easily blends in with existing architecture, and it adds a touch of elegance. Even if all the space you have is on a table top, there are real flame fireplace options for you. Both the fire rocks and fire pot work perfectly as a table top center piece.

No matter which real flame option you choose, you are sure to be delighted with the appearance and performance. This new technology allows every home owner to enjoy the beauty of a fireplace within their home.

How to Choose a Fireplace for Your Home

A Real Flame fireplace is a ventless fireplace powered by gel fuel. A ventless fireplace means you can get warm by your fireplace and add beauty and style to your home without the extensive remodeling required to install a tradition fireplace and chimney. Real Flame fireplaces are safe and come in many styles so there’s sure to be one that suits your home.

Real Flame fireplaces are available in traditional, modern, rustic and contemporary styles. Small outdoor fireplaces for your patio are also available. You can even choose a small tabletop fireplace for indoor or outdoor entertaining. Your guests will be amazed and impressed when you tell them that yes, it really is a miniature fireplace on your dining or patio table.

These ventless fireplaces are so safe that they can be built into an entertainment center. You can put your television right on top of your fireplace. A small fireplace built into a multi-purpose furniture unit is ideal for small spaces. You don’t have to go without a fireplace just because your den is small. Real Flame fireplaces don’t make the mess of a wood-burning fireplace and they don’t require the traditional set of fireplace tools, so they’re perfect for small rooms or your vacation cabin. You can even choose one that fits neatly into a corner and has a useable tabletop surface for family pictures or a small Christmas tree.

If you want a large fireplace with a traditional look, you can have that with one of our ventless fireplaces. Dark wood colors like mahogany are the perfect accent for your study or office. Black is a popular color for contemporary homes, while oak is a nice traditional choice for your living room. Your Real Flame fireplace can have a rustic or polished look. Either one will look charming decorated for Christmas with pine boughs or garland. Your family will love creating a new holiday tradition by hanging their stockings by an electric fireplace. Your ventless fireplace will quickly become the center of your holiday decorating. And, if you make your fireplace part of your entertainment center, it will quickly become your family’s favorite place to hang out together.

A fireplace is impressive in a kitchen or dining room. If you have a formal dining room, white is popular choice for a fireplace. If you’re lucky enough to have brick in your kitchen, a fireplace with a rustic finish set against a brick wall can give you the feeling of living in the old days. Hanging your cast iron or copper cookware above your fire and using the mantel to display antique kitchenware will make you the envy of all your friends, and you’ll actually want to spend more time in the kitchen.

Bedroom fireplaces are cozy and romantic. Neutral colors like ivory or antiqued colors are pleasant and relaxing in the bedroom.

If you’re ready for a Real Flame ventless fireplace, call or email us for more information. You can have the fireplace of your dreams without renovating your home or breaking the bank.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Dinner with all the fixin’s. Who could ask for more?

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? If you are inviting the in-laws or your family, you want to impress everyone and send them out of the door satisfied and full. But if this is your first time making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you might not know where to start when you are roaming down the grocery store aisles to pick up all of the ingredients you will need. Sure, you know that turkey is a must-have, but how will you cook the turkey and what will you make to compliment it? Here are 10 of the top dishes to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner so that you can put smiles on everyone’s face and leave them asking for the secret recipe.

  • Turkey Made with Bubbly: If you are looking for a unique way to cook your turkey why not use champagne or sparkling apple juice. This will help brown the skin and also keep it moist. Stick butter between the breast of the turkey in the skin. Cut up apples and place the apples in the cavity. Use a bit of salt and pepper, add crushed garlic cloves to the bag, and drench the turkey with sparkling cider or champagne and you are done.
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes: If you are looking for a spin on yams, why not consider cooking roasted sweet potatoes with pine nuts. Peel the potatoes, slice them into wedges, salt to taste, toast pine nuts for about 15 minutes, and bake the sweet potatoes tossed in oil for 30 to 45 minutes. Once the sweet potatoes are cooked, toss them with vinegar, maple syrup, mustard and top the dish with the toasted pine nuts and you have a perfect side dish.
  • Eggnog to Put You In the Mood: Not everyone loves eggnog, but those who do know just how much eggnog can put you in the holiday mood. Skip the stores and make your own adult eggnog by mixing Kahlua, half-and-half, a teaspoon of vanilla, a half teaspoon of syrup, an egg, and crushed ice. Blend everything together and serve the adults while you are preparing the rest of the delicious eats.
  • Green Bean Casserole: What dinner would be complete without green bean casserole. Simply mix a can of cream of mushroom with fresh green beans, butter and garlic. Top the dish with crunched up fried onions and bake it to be ready in no time.
  • A Unique Stuffing Creation: Stuffing can be more than just breadcrumbs, onions and celery. Italian sausage and mushroom stuffing will put a great twist on the stuffing and compliment your turkey wonderfully. Add roasted chestnuts, onions, and it will be a sweet and flavorful addition to eat with your bubbly turkey.
  • Onion Au Gratin: If you already have a potato dish but you want to cook something au gratin, go for onions au gratin. Slice onions thick, smother them in melted butter and cheese, and bake until tender.
  • Cauliflower and White Cheddar Au Gratin: If you do not like onions, you can turn one of your favorite vegetables into an au gratin dish. Roasted cauliflower smothered in a white cheddar cheese sauce and topped with white shredded cheese is sure to make people ask for seconds. This simple side dish is filling without being too heavy.
  • Cranberry Sauce: Who wants turkey without homemade cranberry sauce. Skipped the canned pre-made packages and make your sauce with fresh cranberries. It is best to make your sauce at least a day in advance because it will have more flavor and time to meld together.
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Who doesn’t like to add some flavor to their foods with garlic? Buy minced garlic to make your mashed potatoes have a fresher taste. Make sure you splurge and use real butter to blend and you can even mix in some sour cream to add even more flavor while you are blending.
  • Creamed Corn Bread: Ever wonder how to make your corn bread moist? Use creamed corn instead of kernels. With yellow cornmeal, salt, a teaspoon of sugar, baking powder, a half teaspoon of baking soda, a cup of buttermilk, two eggs, and a cup of creamed corn, you can make delicious homemade corn bread that deserves to be served in a restaurant.

As you can see, traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be modified to make them more delicious. If you want to impress the family the first time you host a Thanksgiving dinner or you simply want to switch things up, try out some of the meals.